Path Home has been in the making for about six months now. It is made entirely from scratch. It just got a big update. The release of the update brings the game into its beta 2 phase. The update includes a second level, and a fully functional start screen and info screen. Level three and other tweaks will be coming soon. We hope you enjoy the game. Please comment on what we could do better on with the game. And don't forget, punch that like button in the face like a BOSS!!!!! :-)

-The Creators


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it looks cool but i can´t play it if i dont know how to loock around! how do i look around?

you can move your mouse to look around. The camera follows the mouse

not for me

Hello and welcome Path Home! The object of the game is simple; Complete the levels by getting keys and unlocking doors so you can get back home. Please enjoy the game.